Quality Assurance / Engineering

Teale uses AutoCad as the primary system of design and has the ability to utilize older versions of ProE and Solidworks.  For a successful run on the shop floor Teale is dedicated to pre-engineering. Design considerations are reviewed for maintaining tolerances and meeting customer expectations.   

Tooling and production layouts are conducted as team activities. Quality, production and design representatives meet to ensure that we have the best plan going forward in production. This happens in the quote stage as well as prior to releasing work orders for production and purchasing. 


Through our quote stage, our team reviews the best processing flow possible to provide the best in class pricing that Teale can offer. Where ever we plan to produce an item, we make sure we have the best plan to do it.  At Teale, we believe the designing of the quality of a product starts as soon as we draw a component to our format. At this stage we review how we are going to run it, what controls will be needed to inspect it, what vendors may be needed to assist us and finally, how to clean and package the product to ensure we are delivering a product that meets and exceeds customer requirements.

With our extensive experience in servo motor design, many items that may not have been able to be run on conventional machinery is now capable. We use servo drives in all facets of our operations, Multi-spindle, CNC, Secondary and Inspection. Here are two examples of putting servo technology to work at Teale.


Having such a large inventory of special attachments and tool holders, many large capital expenses or engineering charges are reduced or eliminated.

Our Quality assurance program is accredited by the ISO standards. We are dedicated to always having a third party registration of our systems to keep the checks and balances in place.