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Multi-spindle automatics

Our multi-spindle department is set up to run mid to high volume production.

  1. Davenport model B, size capacity .030 inch (.76mm) round to 1.000 (25.4mm) round with lengths up to 4.500 (114mm). 
  2. Teale Servo Davenports, same as above but with more refined parameters of manufacturing capability.
  3. Wickman 6 Spindle, size capacity, .250 inch (6.35mm) round to 1.750 inch (44.45mm) round with lengths to 5.000 inch (127mm) length.

Teale Machine has the ingenuity to make our multi spindles produce items from very complex geometries to rather simplistic operations. 

Shown with this picture are various types of materials including brass, stainless, steel and aluminum. These products were produced on our servo and conventional multi-spindles. A few are made in combination of secondary machining, such as center less grinding and/or assembly. Teale is set aside from its many competitors by having a large inventory of machine attachments, which equates to a major cost savings to our customers. Using servo driven attachments, Teale can custom build these apparatuses to produce almost any shape required and at an economical cost.

Servo And Multi Spindles S

Entering the market of larger items, the Wickman's are capable of machining at very heavy duty feed rates. They also allowed us to expand our size capability up to 1.750 round. Shown are some recent products we have produced.

Wickman Multi -spindle

CNC Lathes, Mills, Machining Centers

Our CNC department is set up to run lower volume, tighter tolerance and more complex pieces. Items are made within the size ranges of .030IN (.75MM) round to 1.625 (41MM) at lengths to 7.00 IN (177MM). Our CNC Machinery includes:

  1. Miyano, several styles and capacities.
  2. Index, several styles and capacities.
  3. Mori Seiki, several models and capacities.
  4. Brother machining centers, internal pallet indexing
  5. Kiwa and Hardinge VMC’s

Items shown in this picture represent parts Teale has produced on our CNC machines.  Materials shown include 303, 304, and 316 stainless steel alloys. Copper items shown below are made from the alloys CDA145, CDA360 and CDA932.  The white item shown is produced from natural Nylon 101. The gold and blue items were machined from aluminum alloys and anodized to color.  

Cnc Large And Small S

Center less Grinding

Teale can center less grind bars for production or parts, whichever meets the process appropriately. Tolerance of .0004 (.010mm) and surface finishes of Ra8 are routinely met.  

  1. Cincinnati bar and part grinding up to 1” round.
  2. Royal Master Grinders, with thru feed and in feed capability. 


Our secondary department has many machines to accompany the above production equipment.  We have the ability to do assemblies, drilling, broaching, tapping, milling, etc.; the list goes on……

Our mission at Teale Machine is to continue to expand into machining areas adding to our capabilities. We are continuously refining our existing inventory and adding new equipment.