Teale Machine Company is one of the most experienced automatic and CNC turning shops in the US, having been founded in 1943 by two brother in-laws Henry Gaudriot and Henry Teale. Teale was the first Davenport equipped Job shop in Rochester NY, the home of the Davenport Machine.

In 1951 a building was designed to allow for the most efficient means of producing Socket Screws, with automatic oil filtration, chip handling, and process flow capabilities. The two partners were way ahead of their time in laying out a facility to produce the most economical products possible.

10 years after the two relatives had passed; the company was purchased by Ronald LaRock and William Cowgill in April of 1987.  Ron and Bill made a team that was second to none.  At the same time, Ron’s children, Michael and Aimee joined the team.

Ron’s experience in machining included everything from set up to engineering and design of tooling. His background of experience included Browne and Sharp, Acme, Davenport, Kingsbury, and a host of other machining and assembly apparatuses.

Michael, having some machining experience prior, started in shipping  and went through all the stages to fill in for Ron upon his departure, Aimee continued her education in Business Management with a minor in Accounting to set the roots for a successful family owned business transition.

In 1988, to progress and stay a leader in the field, Teale purchased 2 Miyano CNC lathes to compliment the higher production Davenports, which allowed them to enter the field of prototyping and add capabilities of tighter tolerances.

In 1994 Bill retired and his ownership was divided between Michael and Aimee.

In 1995 Teale purchased 2 Royal Master TG-4 Machines and shortly after an in-feed unit was purchased.  This expanded the center less grinding capabilities at Teale.

In 1999, Teale was selected as 1 of 10 members in a Round Table Grouping for Davenport Machine and was the show house for the new Servo Driven Davenport. This was soon followed by Teale achieving our own Patent for Servo drive improvements that put Teale in the driver’s seat for years to come. This experience also led to adding servo driven attachments to these already very flexible machines.

After 10 years of refining and adding capacity to our present equipment, Teale invested in larger machinery for the automatics. With the purchase of a 6 spindle Wickman, the market for larger more complex parts was entered. Shortly thereafter, Teale purchased two more, bringing the size parameters up to 1 ¾ rd. During this time we also invested in secondary machines such as the Brother dual pallet machining centers.

Automated mechanical assembly of a 3 piece part was designed and built by Teale.  2 machined parts and a purchased stamping are pressed together in a rotary table station and inspected 100% for several characteristics. 

In 2015 and after serving our industry for almost 60 years Ron decided to retire.  Michael and Aimee purchased his shares of the company and are continuing to expand and adapt to present market conditions.  One major goal is to continue to increase value added services. 

Changes made in 2015 and 2016 include the purchase of 2 more cnc lathes and an additional 1.750 capacity Wickman.  Our company is on the process of building a rotary table brazing machine.  Teale capabilities will now include brazing copper and brass components for the compressor industry.  Ultrasonic cleaning was added to ensure cga requirements.

Check back for future activities.  Plans include further investments in CNC and larger multi-automatics.